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All Problem Solutions

The world is growing at a rapid pace with unfathomable innovations and developments in all domains. What seemed a fantasy till a few years ago has been made real by scientific endeavours. We have never lived longer, comfier, healthier, securer, or wealthier lives than we do now. Yet, there is widespread discontent and emotional suffering. No matter where one goes, people are grappling with loneliness, emptiness, fear, crime, violence, abuse, addictions and broken relationships. Despite trying different approaches at individual, interpersonal, social and international levels to resolve these issues, there has been no breakthrough.

In this context, it becomes necessary to call upon the ancient wisdom. Since ages, one prominent goal of humanity has been to understand the self and seek liberation from physical and mental suffering. In every age, spiritual perspectives have instilled hope and shown the path through which, suffering is overcome, and bliss reinstated. Spiritual masters belonging to different time periods, cultures and following diverse practices have reported feeling one with the universe, experiencing a strong positive force, developing a deep sense of meaning and purpose, experiencing transcendence, realising the truth, knowing the unity of visible and invisible, having a relationship with the Divine, and experiencing limitless love. A spiritual approach can offer a lasting solution to several problems that we are facing now.

No matter which spiritual perspective we follow, the essential vehicle is complete surrender to the Divine. Without Divine grace, all meditations, contemplations and techniques get reduced to intellectual stuff. It is not easy to surrender but, if one keeps trying, it is not impossible either. One can call upon the grace with all the intensity and faith. Like a desperate child cries for his mother and knows that the mother will come and take care of everything, the seeker should relentlessly call the Divine.Surrender is complete offering of oneself to the Divine in an absolute trust, without any condition or expectation. It is a state where all parts of the being and various layers of the consciousness want nothing but the Divine.