Intercaste love marriage problem solution baba ji

Inter Caste Love Marriage Problem Solution
Since times immemorial, people have fallen in love irrespective of caste, religion or territorial boundaries. They might have had to heavy price for this but in the process they have made love immortal. Love is such a sweet and nice feeling, truly nectarine and divine!
More recently, the inter caste love marriage trend in India has been on the increase. Widespread education along with the “proliferation of professions through the castes” has rendered the Caste System less relevant than before. And, this increasing trend is likely to continue in spite of the multifarious problems involved. Such problems include custom & belief systems, culture & language differences, contrasting living styles, matters of faith, even dietary contrasts. Not to forget the disapproval of parents and elders from both sides.
Mutual Adjustment and Sacrifice
However, if the couple involved truly love each other, they can easily tackle all these problems. Each of the concerned partners must learn to adjust for the sake of the other. Then, all these differences of cultures, traditions, living styles and diet etc.